Premium Pet Foods – Real Stories #2

I have a cat, Indiana, who is half bobcat and is currently 6 yrs old. Living in a city environment, our cats remain indoors, to keep them safe. We were living in an old house at the time he was growing up, where the previous tenant had been an excessively heavy smoker. We’d cleaned every surface in the house, except for the rock front fireplace. BIG mistake. The nicotine from the cigarettes had settled on the hearth, and we hadn’t even thought about it. Indy- being adventurous as he grew older- decided licking the hearth was interesting. We didn’t think of the nicotine, but thought it was a nasty habit for him to do, so we discouraged it always. It didn’t matter. He got by our preventitive measures, and we couldn’t be home 24/7.Then, Indy started loosing weight; fleas were now becoming a problem where they never were before, and he was grooming excessively, almost obsessively. We wormed. We de-fleaed. We took him to the vet. None of the other cats seemed to have a problem, and the vet was at a loss to explain the problem.. Indy continued to decline until he looked old and his fur and skin was in tatters from scratching. I was in despair, wondering if I would have to put my boy to sleep. But, suddenly, our house was sold, and we had to move. It wasn’t until we were in the new house, when he was 5 yrs old, that we discovered he’d gotten a nicotine addiction/ poisoning from licking the hearth! It took awhile, but he began to recover. However, because of it, he had developed allergies to certain food ingredients and fleas.I looked everywhere for help. The vet could only offer a limited knowledge- our town isn’t cosmopolitan enough to have specialty vets- and testing is extremely expensive.Finally, a friend of mine sent me the internet address of your product line, and I checked it out. Within the first week of eating Eagle Pack Duck and Chicken Meal ( dry), Indiana started gaining weight back; he wasn’t scratching as severely, and he even started purring again! We’re now down to only two cats, but the other cat loves the food, too. Indiana still has a ways to go, but, thanks to Eagle Pack, he’s on the road to recovery. Thank you for having such a fine product!
Zaena Burdick

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  1. Did you ever go back to the old house and say anything to the new owners? If they have pets or children it could be dangerous for them as well. On the other hand, it depends upon the type of person and whether they would be open to your visit.

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