4th Of July

It’s getting close to that day of the year again! Patriotic spirit comes out in everyone. It seems like freedom flows through the air. Yes, it is the 4th of July, independence day. Cookouts, playing with your pets, and then there is fireworks. Fireworks are fun to watch and listen to for most of us. Our pets don’t seem to care for them too much. Barking, cowering in fear, and stress because they don’t know what it is. What can we do to help them get through that? Keep them inside and make them a “safety den” where they feel they can go during that uncomfortable time. Maybe, it would be easier to use a crate or something. Make sure they like it. Then, when you know it is getting towards that time tire them out so they don’t injure themselves when freaking out or over exert themselves. Have a nice, safe holiday!

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