Pet Zodiac Signs

Aries- Mar. 21- Apr. 20 -Competitive, win at all costs, can’t hold grudges, energized, like to be the boss.

Taurus- Apr. 21- May. 20 -Very controlling, possessive, hold their ground, Obedient, eat alot

Gemini- May. 21- Jun. 20 -Mouthy, instigator, like to run around (do not stay still)

Cancer- Jun. 21- Jul. 22 -Loving, protectors, children friendly, collectors of toys, attached

Leo- Jul. 23- Aug. 22 -“king”, attention demanding, love the sun, great with other pets if they are the leader, want the best

Virgo- Aug. 23- Sep. 22 -Cleanly, easily trained, likes routines, whiners, can get sick easily

Libra- Sep. 23- Oct. 22 -Pretty, lazy, indecisive, charming

Scorpio- Oct. 23- Nov. 22 -Like to hide things, intense, stubborn

Sagittarius- Nov. 23- Dec. 21 -Explorers, sociable, like attention, like freedom, filled with energy, humorous

Capricorn- Dec. 22- Jan. 19-Stubborn, get what they want, like routines, whine if something is not as it normally is

Aquarius- Jan. 20- Feb. 19 -They love everything, strange and unusual activities, not very close to people (more independent), like variety in food

Pisces- Feb. 20- Mar. 20 -Kind, caring, like feet, rescuers, space out alot, don’t handle stress very well

Does your pet fit this???

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  1. I have 2 brand new puppies a white boxer born 4/11/11 and an english bulldog born 4/28/11. The boxer is always wagging his tail and is full of energy and is affectionate. Sounds like aries fits him. My bulldog tries to hog all food, loves her cuddles, follows me from room to room, and after toileting outside will sit in grass and will not budge unless her leash is firmly tugged. Sounds like a taurus. I am a virgo. I love both dogs so much but feel closer to my bulldog I bet it is the fact we are both earth signs. I really enjoyed reading the horoscopes.

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