Inside or Outside?

Do your cats stay inside or outside or both?  Just curious.  Some folks say….

….different things about that.

I have found that most of the veterinarians I have gone to as well as our Animal Shelter, frown on letting cats outside.

There are just so many things that can happen to cats these days.  There are different respiratory diseases out there that even vaccinated cats can catch.  By the way, those annual shots aren’t 100%.  Did you know that?  Yea.  They don’t tell you that.  Another reason to keep the kitties inside.

I am not sure exactly which shots are not 100 percent, I just know my friend lost a very special cat because of it.  His vet told him about the shots.  He USED to let his cats go outside.  He lost 3 cats within a year.  One due to a respiratory disease it caught from a stray cat, the other two were run over by cars.  He has 3 more now that he keeps inside all the time.  

Depending on where you live, there can be more cars, more people, more exposure to wild animals, more opportunities for injuries and becoming poisoned.  Not to mention the awful people out there who kidnap animals and do cruel things to them. 

It’s just not worth taking the chance if you ask me.  I live by a quote, “Never say never.”  Never think it won’t happen to you.  Take precautions…not chances.

That goes for your dogs as well.  Keep them inside or in a nice fenced yard or stay with them if they are outside.  Keep them in sight and in your control.  Keep them safe.

Take care all.