My Dog/Puppy Swallowed A Sock.

This happens more than you know.

Socks, rocks, sticks, dryer sheets, etc.  I could go on…….

Labs can be one of the worst breeds for this problem, as well as other breeds….

First have your ER vet number on hand at all times.

It depends on what your dog/pup swallows so call the ER to double check it is safe to induce vomitting.

But Hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomitting is a life saver if given within the right time frame (I believe its up to about 2-3 hours of gestation, after that  its too late but check with your vet).

If you know your dog swallowed a sock for instance and its only been a short time than you need to know what to do.

Administer 1 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide orally (this is for a large dog around 60-80 lbs) and is equivalent to  about 15 ccs in a syringe.  (check with your vet or ER for the size of your dog)

Syringe the peroxide down the throat and wait 20 min.  If the dog does not vomit than give another dose and wait another 20 min.

If nothing call your ER vet to be sure of what to do.  It has been recommended to me by me ER vet not to give more than 2 doses.

The ER vet or your regular vet (depending on time of day) can give an injection to induce  vomitting  if the peroxide does not work.

The idea is to get the dog to vomit up the “culprit” before it hits the intestinal tract and may cause obstruction and warrant emergency surgery.

As always, I will state again, I am not a vet, so always check this with your vet and have the info down in your dogs file just in case you ever have an incident (especially on a weekend when your regular vet is closed)