My Dog/Puppy Swallowed A Sock.

This happens more than you know.

Socks, rocks, sticks, dryer sheets, etc.  I could go on…….

Labs can be one of the worst breeds for this problem, as well as other breeds….

First have your ER vet number on hand at all times.

It depends on what your dog/pup swallows so call the ER to double check it is safe to induce vomitting.

But Hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomitting is a life saver if given within the right time frame (I believe its up to about 2-3 hours of gestation, after that  its too late but check with your vet).

If you know your dog swallowed a sock for instance and its only been a short time than you need to know what to do.

Administer 1 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide orally (this is for a large dog around 60-80 lbs) and is equivalent to  about 15 ccs in a syringe.  (check with your vet or ER for the size of your dog)

Syringe the peroxide down the throat and wait 20 min.  If the dog does not vomit than give another dose and wait another 20 min.

If nothing call your ER vet to be sure of what to do.  It has been recommended to me by me ER vet not to give more than 2 doses.

The ER vet or your regular vet (depending on time of day) can give an injection to induce  vomitting  if the peroxide does not work.

The idea is to get the dog to vomit up the “culprit” before it hits the intestinal tract and may cause obstruction and warrant emergency surgery.

As always, I will state again, I am not a vet, so always check this with your vet and have the info down in your dogs file just in case you ever have an incident (especially on a weekend when your regular vet is closed)


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  1. I found the hydrogen peroxide method VERY helpful when my beloved yellow lab, Stella, wolfed down numerous pieces of home made “play-dough” that a neighbor’s child had left on the sidewalk. You would think it would be a rather benign, non-toxic substance, but most recipes call for a half cup of salt or more to aid in texture, and this is a disaster for canines. I gave Stella 20 ccs and it worked like a charm to evacuate the gooey stuff from her stomach before she could absorb or digest too much sodium.

    This method, unfortunately, doesn’t work for large objects swallowed whole or when your lab chews up stuffed toys and has a stomach full of loose polyester stuffing, fabric, and a squeaky. In that case, an immediate visit to the vet is in order! I wish I could say I didn’t speak from experience.

  2. Thanks for your post Beth.

    And you are right. Not everything is safe to have us force it back up.

    The reason I say to call the ER to be sure. (and I have edited that part to be more specific – thanks)

    So glad your baby brought the playdoe back up and is ok.


  3. Thanks so much for the peroxide treatment. My puppy swallowed a sock whole I couldn’t believe my eyes. Before I could realize it was a sock it was gone down her throat I tried to make her vomit by putting my hand down her throat. It didn’t work so I immediately googled and I got my answer. What a relief the peroxid worked wonders the sock came right up after the first dose.

  4. Nikki,

    So glad this blog came up on your search and you had success.

    Please remember to keep the ER phone number on hand.

    As I said some items swallowed should not be brought back up.

    (and remember what I was told, if 2 doses of HP don’t work than off to the vet).


  5. Just tried this with a 20lb golden-poodle puppy. He vomited up a sock about 5 minutes after we gave him 2tsp hydrogen peroxide (which he drank willingly, no syringe needed).

  6. OMG! Thank you so much for the tip on hp. My 4 month old puppy ate my grandbaby sock. I administered the 1tsp. And immediately he vomited not only the sock but a small wash cloth I had no idea he had also swallowed. Lord knows I don’t have funds for surgery.

  7. It Worked!!!! Thanks so much – my pomeranian puppy at a stuffed toy – came back up in just a few minutes. What a lifesaver!!!

  8. Thank you so much for the advice ! I just moved less than a month ago to an island that has no connecting bridge, to get to a vet I either wait until the first Saturday of the month when the vet comes to the dock or I have to wait until the ferry runs which is only twice a day and an hour long ride, I had my puppy waiting for me when I got here 🙂 He just turned 5 months old and chews on everything, I was sitting in the recliner and took my socks off to relax,I put them on the floor and I only left them there for a few minutes, when I got up and went to get them he had one in his mouth and the other was missing. I took the one out of his mouth and searched the house for the other, I knew where it must be and have heard horror stories about things getting stuck in their intestines and before I panicked I did a search on the computer and luckily ran across your posting. The peroxide worked within 5 – 10 minutes, boy was I relieved. I also figured out where the remnants of a couple of his rawhide bones went to ! From now on I won’t be leaving any socks on the floor and when his bones get too small I’m tossing them, at least until he is old enough to not swallow them when they get small 🙂 Thank you again

  9. Hey my 4 month old lab mix pup ate a whole stuffed toy, just swallowed it. The toy was quite large, I didn’t have HP around so I called the vet, this two was 3-4 times the size of a sock, I called er vet and he said that table salt. A few table spoons and he should throw it up. Tho he said most times they r able to poop it out because it just bunches up. The salt worked very effectively for me! Just an alternative

  10. Hi Rebecca,

    good to hear the altertnative method. How did you get the table salt down his throat? Mixed with water and a syringe?

    I would not take the chance on the dog passing such a large item and causing a blockage that needs surgery. No matter what your vet says.

    I would prefer to act quickly and hope he vomits it back up.

  11. My bulldog ate a sock and I saw this blog about the hydrogen peroxide and so I tried it. Worked like a dream. He threw the sock right up thanks.

  12. We saw our new Aussiedoodle pup(30lbs)eat one of the kids’ socks and called the vet. They said to use the hydrogen peroxide method (2 or 3 tablespoons).

    It worked in about 5 minutes. We were happy to see the sock come out and were surprised when he threw up twice more and two more socks appeared.

    We are now having a serious talk with the kids about managing their dirty laundry.

    Thanks for posting this thread.

  13. Jeff, so glad you got good results and glad you will be on top of this with your kids now.

    That is so important.

    I pray you never have to go thru this again and you will be diligent with your pup and your kids from here on out.


  14. Our 6 mos old Dogo Argentino ate one of our socks from the laundry backet. Even though we keep all doors closed there’s always chance someone doesn’t close it all the way, and our puppy is persistant. We did the peroxide treatment you suggested and took him outside and within 5 min the sick and his food from the morning came out! I know the vet would’ve charged us for an X-ray so thank you for saving us the trip!

  15. Thank you! Thank you!!! For the Hydrogen Peroxide Remedy!!! My puppy had just ate a small sock and we were all worried, and didnt know what to do? After the 2nd tsp. Of HP within 10 minutes she thru it up!!! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!!!

  16. Best thing ever. My dog a pittbull ateva sock. Couldnt get it out on time so he swallow it. Gave him the hp. And i swear that in less than 2 mins he throw up not 1 but 2 shocks from my kids. I was so relief when he got all that out… Best thing ever thank u soo much guys

  17. My 9 month old mini-Goldendoodle loves socks and finally got ahold of one without us seeing him until it was too late. Peroxide worked within 20-30 mins. Was nervous to try it, but didn’t want to wait days and then need surgery. Just wish he had thrown up on the wood floor instead of running to the carpet. Thank goodness for Spot Shot!

  18. Wendy, I was a little nervous too (especially when first dose did not work) but, as you said, better to try and avoid surgery.

    Glad it worked for you.

  19. This really works. My 4 month old Samoyed ate one of my footies. 3hours had past & I had to rip the other one from his throat then put 2 &2 together that he did indeed eat the 1st one. I called the ER vet but they said it was too late to do anything and just to watch for the next 3 to 4 days. Well, I thought no way and gave him 2 tsp peroxide and with in 5 minutes he threw up. On the 2nd throw up the sock came out…I was so relieved!! I’m glad I stumbled onto this site…thanks for the advise!

  20. I wish i would have known about this about a year ago when my American Bulldog ate a sock… well much more than 1 sock…and needed what totaled up to be a $2500 stomach surgery! He still hasn’t learned his lesson and steals socks from the laundry baskets.

  21. dogmomma x2

    I hope you can find a place to put your laundry basket where he can’t get at it.

    The cost of surgery is rough but so is anesthesia on the dog.

    Good luck and pray you don’t need any more surgeries.

  22. My 3mo old boston terrier x just ate a sock of my 6yo daughter. I googled, came across this site, had no hydrogen peroxide, so googled how to make a puppy vomit, as this seemed the key, came across the salt advice, and it worked within 5 minutes. Out came the sock! Now just to clean the floor (which was linoleum…so no biggie)


  23. Our 5 month old lab mix ate our daughter’s sock. We gave him 2 tsp of peroxide 2 hours later and within 10 min it came up, thank goodness!

    Thanks for the info we are so relieved!

  24. Patty,

    Thank you very much for publishing this advice. What a lifesaver you are.

    My 3 year old lab who weighs 100lbs swallowed my daughter’s sock. Luckily, my wife came up and told me right away so it had only been 15 minutes or so since she swallowed it.

    Only problem was, the HP I had expired over 2 years ago so I wasn’t sure if it’d still be effective. I started with 2 tablespoons; my dog slurped it right out of the bowl.

    15 minutes passed and nothing so I gave her another 2 tbsps. 5 minutes later, she vomited twice and, voila, the sock appeared.

    I think the 4 tablespoons was probably overkill but she seems to be doing great now.

    Thank you so much Patty.

  25. I worked! It worked! Dog swallowed one of thos big cloth, scunci chair ties. I saw him do it and couldn’t believe it! Called the vet. They said he’d need surgery and I needed to get him in. Tried the peroxide and instantly, it worked. He vomited the thing right up! Thank you so much for this tip!

  26. Shilo,

    So glad it worked!!!!

    I don’t like the fact that your vet said “he needs surgery” right of the bat, especially since you called immediately after the ingestion. Your vet can induce vomitting with a drug.

    Or did you talk to the receptionist or a vet tech and not the vet? The vet is always the best one to talk to or ask to be put on hold and have them ask the vet for you.

    Keep in mind that certain things a dog will swallow should not be vomitted back up, but that does not include socks, towels, fabrics….

    From my blog:

    “It depends on what your dog/pup swallows so call the ER to double check it is safe to induce vomitting.”


  27. Wow!!! My Border Collie mix has swallowed socks, undies and chewed wash clothes. But I usually don’t discover it until it comes out the other end. Today I was worried because I came home and she had chewed almost an entire wash cloth. It was a lot! I panicked a bit and decided after finding theses posts to run out and get some hydrogen peroxide and a syringe. I first put some hydrogen peroxide in a tablespoon and she starrted to lick it right out of the spoon. She got a few licks into it and stopped. I was ready to get the syringe and use it, but before I could even pick up the syringe she was vomiting up the wash cloth. It was literally 20 seconds after the ingestion that the was cloth came up. Boy was I glad I did not wait for it to pass!! This worked like a charm!!!

  28. Cristina,

    I am so glad this worked for you and think you were lucky.

    Considering you came home to find the gestation and had no idea how long it had been since she ate the cloth.

    Remember, time is of the essence with peroxide (read the blog above) so be carefule using it if you don’t know how much time has gone by since your dog ingested something.

    Glad to hear all came up well.


  29. My jack russel ate peices of a sock the other day its been almost a week and hes not eating or drinking on his own wat to do. Hes throwing up ever so often but just scared he might die he only 6 months old

  30. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Our 18 month old hound/pointer mix ate one of my husband’s dress socks. I called the vet and they said to take him to the ER to have it surgically removed, because he may choke on it if I tried to induce vomiting. I called the ER and they said to just see if it passes, but surgery is not necessary right away (unless he’s not eating/drinking/abnormally tired), but vomiting is dangerous because he could choke. After seeing all of these posts, I decided to give him 2 tsp. of hydrogen peroxide anyways. 5 minutes later he easily threw up the sock and one of his soft animal chew toys. Thank goodness!!! No more socks on the ground and no more soft animal chew toys!


  31. My 6 month old pit swallowed a footie so instantly went to google to find out if anyone else had this happen to their dog. I was happy to see that someone else did, and that not only I had this issue. Sorry they had to go through that but if they hadn’t I would be making a trip to the vet. I gave my pup the peroxide and within 10 minutes it did the trick. Thank you guys so much.

  32. Jenny and Valita,

    So glad you had success!

    But remember it must be done asap!

    If you are not sure you must call your vet.

    And it also depends on what your dog swallows.

    Folks, this is all good news…..

    But please contact your vet if you are not sure.

    I will sat it again….I am not a vet…. just here to help.


  33. Wish I had googled this site last month when our Berner ate what we thought was 1 pair of undies — after $2000 worth of surgery we learned Hank had eaten 2 pairs of undies and a sock!! Today Hank ate one of my son’s socks — found this site about 30 mins after and gave Hank the HP – He threw up the sock within seconds!! THANK YOU!!

  34. Alysia,

    So glad you found my blog this time and it worked.

    I am sorry he had to go thru surgery and for your expense but at least he survived.

    Hoping you can keep him away from the laundry in the future.

  35. My puppy ate one of his little toys last month, and a sock about a week later….he eventually threw up both within a few days but I was so worried and I didn’t know what to do and didn’t think find a way to induce vomiting….Well, about an hour ago, he ate one of my gloves, he grabbed a hold of it, had it in his mouth for about 30 seconds and just swallowed it! I was so upset and I didn’t want to just wait for him to throw it up this time, I know that it can be I just googled what to do when your puppy eats….and found this blog..I had no HP at home, so I went to the drugstore and I gave him a few tsps which he licked off the spoon and within a few minutes he threw it up…what a relief, thank you so much Patty!!

  36. Pamela,

    So glad you had success and avoided surgery. It is scary. Hoping he doesn’t swallow anything else.

  37. My 7 week old pitbull swallowed one of my socks.. I gave him 1tsp hp and he vomited within 5 mins but no sock yet… should I wait a little longer or give him another tsp? Help!

  38. Vicky,

    “Syringe the peroxide down the throat and wait 20 min. If the dog does not vomit than give another dose and wait another 20 min.

    If nothing call your ER vet to be sure of what to do. It has been recommended to me by me ER vet not to give more than 2 doses.”

    sorry I did not get to you sooner.

    Above is the advice in my blog.

    I am not a vet, I say it all the time. Do what you think is right but don’t hesitate to call the ER vet to be safe.

    Please let us know how you make out.


  39. This really worked. My vet suggested diluting hydrogen peroxide with water before giving it to the golden retriever. The socks ( along with his breakfast 😀 ) was out within 5 minutes. My vet also suggested giving some antacid syrup like gelucil after some time because the stomach becomes complete empty after the vomit

  40. As long as it works. Glad to hear the sock came back up.

    Its probably easier to get it into most dogs if diluted.

    How much did you dilute it? 50/50 or less water?

  41. Well, who would have guessed that a puppy would swallow a sock, but yup ours did as well. We have a 5month old cocker spaniel and he swallowed a little sock. Didn’t know what to do , googled and found this remedy. Awesome. Really worked. Only 1 dose, took about 10min. Thank You.

  42. My puppy swallowed an entire sock. The “symptoms” of this sock swallowing were very similar to Parvo symptoms, so it had us worried for quite a bit.

    We attempted to keep her hydrated, and 3 days later, she tries to throw up, and we see the end of a sock in the back of her throat. I reached right in and yanked it right out. It was half digested and pretty gross looking( the lower end looked like poop), but not even 5 minutes after we got it out, she is back to her playful self.

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