I would like to apologize to anyone whose comments have been deleted on my blogs.  Apparently there is a technical glitch.  I have not deleted anyone’s comments.  I just wanted that to be known. 

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Apology”

  1. Hi Gizzaro,

    I didnt notice this entry got deleted. I have restored the one that was deleted. The blog gets “spammed” quite a bit and I clean it up. Anytime an entry comes in with a link in it, it sits in moderation until I can look at it. Somehow I deleted this one thinking it was spam. You should see it back there now.


  2. Thanks. 🙂 Glad to know there is no “glitch” here. I have seen another one get deleted. Before it was deleted, I somehow clicked on that comment and was transported to places I did not care to go. So, I was not sorry to see that one go.

    So, everyone, that is something to keep in mind when posting here. If it comes across as suspicious or SPAM, it may/will be deleted.

    Thanks Admin! 🙂

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