Colloidal Silver For Dogs

I use colloidal silver in my dogs fresh water or in their daily meal with water added to the kibble.

It is used topically as well for skin irritations.

This is a good article listing the benefits for dogs:

And here is another:

Not all colloidal silver products are created equal.

This is a great article to learn the difference when buying a quality product for your dog.

I also read of someone that saved an adult dog from Parvo by using colloidal silver orally.

You can also use CS in dogs’ ears for infections.  Use an eye dropper and drop it in the ear, when needed, and then gentle massage up and down to get it in the ear canal.  This product was recommended by a friend:
it’s safe for pets, says so on the bottle.
Apply 2X daily in each ear for 5 to 7 days.
Then clean the ears as needed

As always, I am not a vet,  just passing on useful holistic info.

It is always best to discuss these products with your vet, or better yet, a holistic vet.

Hope this helps some of you with your dogs health.


Author: patty

Franklin Lakes, NJ

2 thoughts on “Colloidal Silver For Dogs”

  1. Just wanted to say I enjoyed the info on your blog. I’ve been using Colloidal Silver for my pets for many years and have tried just about every brand. My favorite is Pet Silver 100 PPM by Innovative Natural Products and when it’s not available I like the MesoSilver although the ppm is much lower and it takes a lot longer to clear up infections in my animals. Thanks for the blog because us pet owners need all the help we can get when we need to take care of our animals.

  2. I bought collodial silver 100ppm for my dog. But don’t know how much to give him or spray him.
    I sprayed his ears and paws but yesterday at work my kids called me and say dog is scratching more, they think it didn’t seem to work. I did not mix with water.

    He is a one year old male cocker spaniel.
    He scratches a lot and licks his paws and then gets this ugly ugly odor.
    He has very dry skin and the vet said he is allergic to something, but who knows what. I’ve already spent about $500 on vet and do not want to go back because the antibiotic and steroid they give him only helps for about a week and then back to the scratching then I take him back they prescribe 1/2 prednisone every other day and doesn’t work.
    I need help please.

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