Setting boundaries as a pet owner

Whether you’re a new pet owner or you’ve had pets all your life. We all have a pet… or know someone who has a pet that does whatever it wants. Whether you like it or not, its time to set some rules! You have to be the boss. Because, your probably not too pleased living his/her way. You can’t be lenient with anything you don’t like. Set them straight! At the same time, you don’t want to be too harsh. So, first make up a set of rules you want to enforce. Then, when they disobey, do what you think you should to punish them. The first time will be the hardest, but it will get easier from then on. Every time  that pet disobeys your rules you must punish them the same way. (make sure it is a punishment they don’t enjoy). Be consistent. Eventually they should just give up and get the point. They will try hard to get their way but, in the long run you will be happy you did this. Your pet and you will enjoy a long happy life together. (your way).

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  1. Hi Bradley,

    My name is Patty and I write the blogs for the Breeder section.

    Its great to have a new young mind involved with dogs and your input.

    I like your blog. You are so right, if you do not correct the problems from the start they will get out of hand. Rules do need to be set.

    I would just like to point out to others reading your blog where you mention “do what you think you should to punish them” (and you do mention not being harsh which is important).

    There is never a need to hit a dog. A strong commanding voice, leash correction and strong verbal command is what it takes. And of course, being diligent and consistant with the corrections.

    For instance, if you have a counter surfer, putting a very short leash (6-8″ long) on the collar and being right there in the kitchen when the dog goes to surf you can grab the collar give a “leave it” command and pull the dog down.

    I also truly believe in crate training (there is a blog I wrote in the breeder section if you want to read it) and when a dog is misbehaved I believe a “time out” in the crate is very productive. It does not make the dog hate their crate. (read my blog and you will see what I mean-as their crate is their haven/den).

    Nice to see you on the board and blogging. Keep up the good work.


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