National Pet Month

Did you know….. This month is National Pet month? April, 11th 2011 is  National Pet Day. National Pet Day was created by the Animal Miracle Network. So, make a donation to keep those miracles coming. Also, Animal Miracle Network created Kids and Pets Day to celebrate the special bond between children and pets. Other Holidays include: World Veterinary Day ( April, 30th),Pet Owners Independence Day (April, 18th), and don’t forget Easter is just around the corner! So, how are you going to celebrate this month full of Holidays? Give your pet a hug and something special. Tell us how you are going to make National Pet month special.

3 thoughts on “National Pet Month”

  1. I love my dog everyday! But with Spring time comes more fun outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, biking, running and so on and my dog comes with me on all my adventures!

  2. There will be a fresh batch of treats going in the oven tonight. (Ieven put a rug in front of it so my Schnauzer can lay in comfort while she stares at the oven.) She also has an upcoming party to celebrate her 5th birthday and her making it a full year after a severe disease nearly took her over the rainbow bridge.

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