Cat Litter

The topic of cat litter can be quite extensive as I have found being in cat groups on the Internet. 

I, myself, prefer the more “natural based” cat litters.  I have used Arm and Hammer, Sweatscoop, ”World’s Best Cat Litter”, and various pine, cedar, and grain types.  I have allergy sinus problems, so dust is a big thing with me…plus, it means more cleaning.  :-)

I finally ended up with the Healthy Pet Brands.  I mixed the 2 types I used to be able to buy locally.  One was a pine blend I believe and the other was the milled grain that you will see here at Hearty Pet.  They stopped selling it locally, so it was off to the Internet for me.  I searched and researched and finally found Healthy Pet online at various web sites. 

I have ordered from sites other than Hearty Pet, and their delay in placing the order and shipping was unreal.  I love how quickly you can get things here at Hearty Pet.  Well, at least in my area.  I live in South Carolina.  I know, that may sound like a plug for this site and it is.  :-) This is the only web site I have had such great customer service with.  :-)

For those of you who go the more natural route with cat litter, you may find that mixing a couple of your choice brands will give you more of what you are looking for.  Don’t be afraid to mix the natural ones.  But, if you prefer to flush the litter, then you need to be really careful about this.  For those who use it in composting or dispose of it in a landfill, you don’t have to be as careful. 

I love the light weight of the Healthy Pet “Dust Free” and “Health Plus” brands.  I find the “Health Plus” helps more with odor control.  I have also started adding a cedar “sawdust” litter in with the “Health Plus” and this works great for me…and my 6 cats.   The additional cedar helps even more with the odor control.  Dust and odor control is a biggie for me.  Plus, I want to use something that is “gentle” and “natural” for my cats. 

Those are my thoughts and experience on cat litter. 

Until next time…..

Take care!