Hey Cat People!

Hello all!  

I will be heading up blogs dealing with cats and other miscellaneous items pending the mood.  🙂

I am Gizzaroo.  I presently have six cats.  All are “rescue kitties,” three of which are feral.  My most current adoption is Potter.  He is coming along quite well.   He is a very sweet kitten.  I caught him two weeks ago.  His mother is my next goal and hopefully, I can stop for a while.  That can be a lot of work…catching, taking care of and taming a feral.  I was worried about him being around the other big cats due to his size and how the others may bully him or ignore him.  Well, their hissing, etc., does not phase him.  He ends up chasing them around the house.  What a stinker!  He has made friends with the head of the cat household, so he pretty much is “in” with the rest of the cats…at least eventually he will be.  🙂

Just because I have chosen this route for me, does not mean I am not interested in other types of cats and situations because I am.  I am curious about cats who like water.  🙂  I know there is a particular breed known just for their love of water.  I forget the name of this breed.  If anyone has any such cat, please share your stories and info.  🙂   If anyone has any cat stories or info they would like to share, please do!  🙂

Other things about me are that I love all animals, like gardening, enjoy being in and around Nature, love to laugh, like exploring the Internet, good movies, good coffee, good tea (hot or cold) and I love my days off from work. 🙂   I like just about all types of music.  I sometimes have spells and write “poetry stuff” as well.

I shop often on the Internet.  I LOVE the CONVENIENCE of it!  I hate traffic and don’t like having to deal with the rude and inconsiderate people out there today.  And of course the heat and drought where I am don’t help people’s moods.   Ah yes, the Internet…open 24/7…no dress code…no rude sales clerks….no waiting in the wrong line…just peaceful shopping by computer screen light.  🙂

Well, that is a bit about me.  Please take a moment and introduce yourself here in this blog, if you like.  We look forward to seeing you here at Hearty Pet Talkin’ Tails Blog!  🙂

Take care!


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