Titer Testing Your Dog Prior To Vaccinations

I vaccinate my new pups at 8, 12 and 16 weeks.  1 year rabies at 20 weeks.

A year from last vaccination (16 week) I do a one year booster.

4 weeks later I do a 3 year rabies.

From here on out I do rabies every 3 years (as required by law in most states.  Check with your state).

I also titer test for distemper and parvo 3 years after the 1 year booster.

If my dogs show an immunity to the diseases I do not vaccinate them.

So far my dogs have shown the immunity and have not had a vaccination for distemper or parvo since their 1 year booster.

Titers are a it more expensive than the vaccine but better to spend the extra money than put more poison into your dog.

Remember this:  If you do not titer and your dog is covered from previous vaccines (has a full immunity) than giving another vaccination will not boost that immunity any higher.  So, the vaccine was a waste of money.

Any vet that tells you to vaccinate every year is doing this for the money.  Find a new vet.

If you are unsure of this 3 year protocol do a google search for Jean Dodds DVM on vaccinations.

Most vets are (and all should be) following her protocol.



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