What To Expect When Your Puppy Is Teething

Your pup could be lethargic; laying around more than normal, not wanting to play as much.

You may notice your pup choking at times like they have something stuck in their throat.  Don’t panic but keep an eye on them.  They often loose a tooth and swallow it while chewing on a toy.

You may notice a white or pale yellow discharge from the eyes that comes back very soon after wiping the eyes.

The pup may not eat well; slowly or picking up kibble and dropping on the floor next to the bowl.  If this happens often you can soak the food to soften it prior to feeding.

Most pups start teething around 5 months of age.

Once the adult teeth start coming in and the baby teeth are gone these symptoms should slow down a bit.

Chew toys can help speed up the process in loosening the baby teeth.



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