How Do I Get Started Showing My Pup/Dog In Conformation

First off you need your breeder to give their opinion (or another breeder) as to whether your pup/dog is worthy of the breed to go in the show conformation ring.

You also need your dog registered with the AKC under “Open Registration”.  You can not show in conformation with “limited reg.”.  However, you can do rally, obedience, etc. on limited reg.

Start by finding a show handling class near you. can help you in your search.   Also look for “match”  shows thru this site.  These are practice shows which are still following the rules of the AKC but no points are given.

At home you can start by working with your pup with treats (bait) by not allowing her to sit for a treat.  Dogs are not allowed to sit in the show ring while being judged and bait is used in the ring.

For instance, if your pup sits when you take out a treat, walk away slightly and ask the pup to stand so pup is on all 4 feet when you give the treat.  Do this consistantly.

This is a good start prior to starting “handling classes”.

Go to dog shows near you to see what it is all about.  Acclimate your pup to these events so they are comfortable around a lot of dogs.

But remember to talk to your breeder first as to the quality of your pup for the conformation ring.


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