Should I Worry About Coyotes In My Yard?

Coyotes are very smart and if they are hungry enough they can and will target your dog.

They send one out of the pack into your yard to befriend/play with your dog.  The coyote than lures your dog to the pack where they attack and kill.

I will not allow my dogs out alone at night if the coyotes are around.  They go out on a leash for a quick potty break and right back in the house.

We shoot off a modern black powder rifle into the sky to scare them off when we know they are around.

I knew of someone that was hiking with her dogs when coyotes showed up and attacked one of her dogs.  She was hours by foot from her car and her dog was so badly injured and ripped open (intestines hanging out) that she had to suffocate the dog to stops it’s suffering.

I do know that to keep bears away when hiking a coffee can full of coins that you shake loudly will scare them off.  Perhaps this would work for coyotes too.


Author: patty

Franklin Lakes, NJ

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