Natural Anti Itch Remedies For Humans

If you are like me mosquito bites drive you nuts and the itching can keep you up most of the night.

I have tried a few things that work well.

Put witch hazel in a spray bottle and spray the effected area.  The key is to do this prior to scratching the itch.

A combination salve made from Comfrey, St. John’s Wort Compound from works great.  I keep it on my night stand for when I wake up itching and it works very quickly.

I have recently tried something else that works great, especially if taken prior to bed.

Boiron pellets from Amazon.  It is Apis Mellifica.  Put 3 pellets under your tongue and let them dissolve.  I get results in about 20 minutes when taken after itching starts.


Author: patty

Franklin Lakes, NJ

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