Bacon Crunchies

This is a wonderful starter to a dinner party or cocktail party.

Easy to make and they freeze great.

Bacon Crunchies

Double or triple the batch

¾ c dark brown sugar

1 stick margarine (room temp)

1 package onion soup mix

1 lb bacon

Pepperidge farm white bread (thin one)

Remove crust and cut into 1/4s

Mix the first 3 ingred. till well blended

Spread mixture on 1/4s about 1 tspn per ¼ (don’t put on too much)

Wrap each one in a piece of bacon overlapping and lay on cookie sheet cut side down (cut bacon strips into thirds – one piece for each 1/4 pc of bread)

Bake 325 deg. 10-15 min.

Make in advance without baking and freeze on cookie sheet than transfer to zip lock for future  baking

Spread mixture thin and always cut bread in 1/4s first.



What To Do For Loose Stools

First off be sure you do not have a parasite issue.  Take a stool sample to the vet to be sure you don’t have giardia, coccidia or the like.

It is often best to have the sample sent to the laboratory to be sure nothing is missed.

If the above is ruled out – dogs can get loose stools from a sudden diet change.  If changing food be sure and do a slow change over (most dog foods give instructions on the bag for this)

If its just stress or a food change too quick giving canned pumpkin (1-2 tbsp) in a meals for a few days or more can help (also works for constipation).  Cottage cheese can also help (same amt) but too much can bind.  Metamucil is also helpful but check with our vet for dosage according to age and weight of your dog.

Over feeding (especially with a puppy) can also cause loose stools so if you have just increased feeding first try cutting  back a bit and see if that helps.

Probiotic (live organism that needs refridgeration is best) can help sooth the intestinal tract when having a bout of loose stools.  Health food stores carry them or go to and call Nancy at ext. 149 and ask for Multi Dophilus (tell her I sent you, she knows this product well).  I have used it for my dogs for years).  Works great!  They love the taste too.


My Dog Eats Poop

The correct term is Caprophagia and yes it is gross.  But, there is a solution.

The best one I can give you is pick up the stool as soon as it hits the ground so your dog does not have access to it.

This theory is that it breaks the habit and the dog will forget about eating poop.

It does work but you must be diligent each day going out in the yard with your dog(s)

There are products on the market (like Deter) that I have tried that don’t work.

Neither does all you read on the internet: feeding pineapple, fig newtons, meat tenderizer (too much salt IMO) etc.

You will also read that some say dogs eat feces because it tastes good.  I disagree, I have watched my dog eat it and can tell she is not really enjoying the taste.  She will also leave some behind.

It has been called a learned behavior from watching mom clean up after the pups when in the whelping box.

I am believing in the theory (in the link below) that some eat it because of learning to clean up after their young.  My girl only eats her daughters stool and never touches another.

Here is some more info for you to read up on, but, as I said, clean it up immediately and break the habit.   That is the best remedy I have found.


Another site with some info that might help or deter you from using what I mention above.  (again, just pick up the poop as soon as it hits the ground to break the habit – this can take a month or more….)