5 Years!!!!!

It is approaching July 2011!!! Its summer. Summer is for fun. So what is coming up in this next month? Independence Day, National Ice cream Day, Hammock Day, etc. But, what really matters is Heartypet will be turning 5 years old. Its up and running hard! So, go over to our facebook page and post Heartypet a congratulations on making these 5 years a good one for everyone (Employees, Suppliers, and Most of all Customers!!!)

4th Of July

It’s getting close to that day of the year again! Patriotic spirit comes out in everyone. It seems like freedom flows through the air. Yes, it is the 4th of July, independence day. Cookouts, playing with your pets, and then there is fireworks. Fireworks are fun to watch and listen to for most of us. Our pets don’t seem to care for them too much. Barking, cowering in fear, and stress because they don’t know what it is. What can we do to help them get through that? Keep them inside and make them a “safety den” where they feel they can go during that uncomfortable time. Maybe, it would be easier to use a crate or something. Make sure they like it. Then, when you know it is getting towards that time tire them out so they don’t injure themselves when freaking out or over exert themselves. Have a nice, safe holiday!

Pet Zodiac Signs

Aries- Mar. 21- Apr. 20 -Competitive, win at all costs, can’t hold grudges, energized, like to be the boss.

Taurus- Apr. 21- May. 20 -Very controlling, possessive, hold their ground, Obedient, eat alot

Gemini- May. 21- Jun. 20 -Mouthy, instigator, like to run around (do not stay still)

Cancer- Jun. 21- Jul. 22 -Loving, protectors, children friendly, collectors of toys, attached

Leo- Jul. 23- Aug. 22 -“king”, attention demanding, love the sun, great with other pets if they are the leader, want the best

Virgo- Aug. 23- Sep. 22 -Cleanly, easily trained, likes routines, whiners, can get sick easily

Libra- Sep. 23- Oct. 22 -Pretty, lazy, indecisive, charming

Scorpio- Oct. 23- Nov. 22 -Like to hide things, intense, stubborn

Sagittarius- Nov. 23- Dec. 21 -Explorers, sociable, like attention, like freedom, filled with energy, humorous

Capricorn- Dec. 22- Jan. 19-Stubborn, get what they want, like routines, whine if something is not as it normally is

Aquarius- Jan. 20- Feb. 19 -They love everything, strange and unusual activities, not very close to people (more independent), like variety in food

Pisces- Feb. 20- Mar. 20 -Kind, caring, like feet, rescuers, space out alot, don’t handle stress very well

Does your pet fit this???

Cicada And Pets

Cicadas, you probably know, are those bugs that come out of the earth every year and are usually bad every 13-17 years. They fly into stuff, make loud noises, and leave their shells everywhere.

Now, your probably thinking… How does this affect my pet??? Well, pets sometimes eat one or two or a bunch. Sometimes your pet likes the taste of them. If you see them eating them, stop them.

They are not toxic or fatal. But, they do not agree with your pet’s stomach. They will most likely puke or have diarrhea.

So, if you see the skeleton left around clean them up. If your pet gets sick or eats one don’t be worried.  They only last a couple weeks before they mate, and die.

Angry Birds

Yes, i’m talking about the famous app everyone plays. Angry Birds where you slingshot birds into pigs to complete levels.

Its very addicting and frustrating. This isn’t really about pets but birds are pets.

I think i know why they call it Angry Birds. You get stuck on a level and it makes you angry!

I’ve been playing it lately and it happens to me alot! So, what do you think about angry birds? What do you like or dislike?

Blue Green Algea Is Toxic To Dogs

Please be aware of this if you swim your dogs.  They will often drink the water in the lakes you go to.

Blue green algea is very toxic and can (and very well will) kill your dog.

Here is a google search with pics and a lot of info.

Please read up on the symptoms.  They come on very quickly.

From what I know it usually appears around August but it would depend where you live.   Do a google search on blue green algea in your area.




Hyperkeratosis In Dogs

From my research this usually occurs on a dogs pads or nose.  I, however, have an issue with my girls ears on the outside of the ear flap.

My vets (6 in all have seen her or pictures (2 are dermatologists, 1 is a derm pathologist) ) are stumped.  I even had a biopsy done with no definitive diagnosis.  Skin scrapings (3 or 4) did not give answers either.  She was checked for yeast, ring worm, etc. all negative.

Hyperkeratosis looks like scar tissue or black leathery skin.  It has been described as elephant skin.

I have battled this for a year and half and tried everything holistic.  I even used topical steroid cream.

I finally found the answer in a salve that a wonderful friend made and shared with me.  I have diligently been putting on the area very night and the area is clearing up, hair is growing back and she is almost completely healed.

The ingred in the salve are Calendula, Comfrey & St. Johns Wart in olive oil & beeswax  with essential oils.

You can buy a similar product here:



I also put her on coconut oil capsules (cold pressed virgin oil) and colloidal silver which I am sure helped.  But there is much more improvement since starting the salve.

Here are before pics from June 2010.  The hyperK had not set in yet but you can see how bad her ears were.



The next pic is after some healing but now she as hyperK


Here is a better shot of her HyperK taken by my vet on 4/25/11


And taken today 6/12/11. 



Here is a pic taken today on 6/21/11.  First is her HyperK where the hair has grown back


This is a bit hard to see but it is the tip of her ear where all the hair has grown back.  (I am so thrilled I can’t tell you)




Famous Pets

Pets aren’t just for ordinary people. Famous people have pets too. They might even support pet causes. Martha Stewart has a cat named Beethoven. Elizabeth Taylor had a maltese named Sugar. Ellen DeGeneres was awarded the ASPCA Founder’s Award for her lifelong dedication to the promotion of kindness and compassion towards animals. Pets even show up in TV shows and movies. Santa’s little helper on The Simpsons, Lassie, etc. What i am getting across is that pets are all around us! Everywhere we go they are a big part of almost everyones lives.

Memorial Day

Memorial day is a day set aside to celebrate and remember those who died for our country. So, you probably think of your dad or uncle….but, what about those pets that die for our country too? K-9 unit dogs, bomb-sniffing bees, even soldier bears are used. Imagine that! There are plenty others out there too. So, when you are thinking of those fallen think of more than just people, think of pets.


(the picture is of a seal a.k.a “navy seal” used for underwater mines)