New Product by Stella & Chewy’s

Stella & Chewy’s just released a new fish formula called Stella & Chewy’s Surf and Turf.  Two sizes are available:  6oz and 16oz bags.  These patties are made with Raw, Wild Alaskan Salmon, organic fruits & vegetables, no grains or fillers plus many other great ingredients.  Check out Stella & Chewy’s today and let us know what you think..

How Do You Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday?

Every canine birthday is a big deal in our house. We always have new toys, frozen (raw) marrow bones and a trip to Dairy Queen.

It’s a riot to see the other customer’s reactions to a bunch of black Labradors wearing party hats and being spoon fed vanilla Dixie cups out of the back of the truck.

Not to mention those long tongues splashing ice cream all over their faces LOL.

Let us know what you do for your dog’s birthday and include pics if you can.

Jazz’s 4th B-Day

We ran out of Dixie cup so Grandpa shared his cone

Miya’s 6th B-Day

Polly’s 13th B-Day (Grandma feeds the girls)

Fromm 4-Star Pet Food

Fromm, a Wisconsin family owned company, has been producing quality pet foods since 1904.  Hearty Pet is happy to bring on their Four Star recipes.  Why Four Star?  Fromm has included only the freshest of meats, fruits and vegetables to each of it’s recipes; it’s kind of like that 4 Star dining we look for in a restaurant.  Plus, all of the dry foods are manufactured in a USDA-certified plant – special measures for the safety of your pets food. 

What dog dry recipes are available?

 What cat dry recipes are available?