Reduced Shipping Costs

Our economy is slowing, prices are rising, and jobs are being lost. This is what we hear continuously in the news. The dreaded “R” word keeps popping up. Recession! Whether we are currently in a recession or heading towards one, the bottom line is we still must feed our pets. Unfortunately, the premium foods we all want and need to feed our furry friends are more costly than those cheaper store brands. Just because the economy is slowing down is no reason for us to stop feeding them the best, the only thing they deserve.

As product prices rise, we here at Hearty Pet truly worry about our customers and want to assure them that we do everything we can to keep costs down. With that in mind, we are happy to announce that we are lowering our shipping costs. Yes, Fedex and UPS have had recent increases as some of you may have noticed when checking out. However, we have negotiated price breaks with Fedex and are happy to pass these on to you, the customer.

The best way to save on shipping is to order more. Try our shipping estimator to see what I am talking about. If you place one 31# bag in the cart and estimate your shipping and then change the quantity to 2, you should see a dramatic savings. For example, a 31# bag going to 22205 will be $10.31 in shipping. Now changing the quantity to 2 and estimating again will show total shipping of $14.01. You can see the savings. The reason is our negotiated price breaks increase as the weight of the package increases.

We hope you see that we truly try to keep our prices fair, while still maintaining exceptional service. As always, with any shopping, its always best to shop and compare. Everything being equal, we feel we have the best online experience of all online pet food suppliers. Don’t fall for the gimmicks or the false promises.

No matter what other sites advertise, remember nothing is free. The bottom line is there are costs associated with every aspect of online sales, how we as a retailer pass these costs on to the consumer is where the differentiation is made. We believe in fair, honest product pricing and up front fair shipping costs. We do not hide our shipping cost or any other part of the transaction. Product price + shipping cost is the bottom line. We hope that our efforts to ease the burden of economic slowness will allow us all to maintain quality feeding habits for our pets.

I would like to extend a sincere thanks to our Fedex rep for getting the deal done and saving our customers some serious cash.

Shop, compare save!