Here I Come to Save the Day

Unbelievable how loyal and protecting our pets can be. Have you heard the story about the Chihuahua who lept in front of a rattlesnake to save a 1 yr old baby? Somewhere in Colorado a baby was playing around a birdbath with his companion Zoey next to him. When a rattlesnake lunged to bite the little boy, Zoey lept in front of him first and took the rattlesnake bites. The story ends happily as Zoey was treated and survived.

Just mind blowing how loyal our companions are. They truly would give their life for us.

Harry Potter

Ok, so all the hype in the pet food industry seems to be focused on Orijen coming to the U.S. There is other hype in the world though! Mr Potter, Mr Harry Potter.

This book series is truly unbelievable. The amount of interest in this surpasses anything I have seen, including the recent iPhone debut! Book stores received the new editions up to 48 hours before it was due to be released. They were under strict orders not to begin selling, but of course some retailers could not resist. And now, there are lawyers flying into retailers who broke their contractual obligations. Hold on, this is a kids book right?

So, did you get your copy?

In honor of the big release, we are offering a 10% discount on all orders placed between now and July 31st at 11:59 pm eastern. Simply enter coupon code HARRY at checkout.

That’s it for now … until next time …

Coming to America

Orijen pet foods have arrived in the U.S. I have to admit, a year ago I had never heard of this food. It seems the recalls earlier in 07 have prompted concerned pet owners to seek out the best of the best. From all accounts, Orijen fits this bill. Orijen is manufactured by Champion Pet Foods of Canada. Champion is a family owned and operated facility and they manufacture all their products themselves. No outsourcing here. I guess this was the key to making it so popular?

Anyway, we have been inundated with requests for this and decided to bring it on board back in May. Not so fast! We’re dealing internationally! Things move slower when crossing borders I guess. Where was I? Oh yeah, ITS HERE! We just got our first delivery of Orijen and hope to get the word out that it is here at

If you are looking for a new kibble to add to your rotation, I’d say give this a try.

If you do try it, post back here and let us know how furry friend is doing on it.

That’s it for now … until next time.

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