Merrick Sausages are Here!

Merrick Sausages LogoAn explosion of homecooked flavor.

Merrick sausages are a wholesome, moist treat that contains nothing but the good stuff – high quality meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, and oatmeal. Our sausages are great to use a quick snack, a well deserved reward for your faithful companion, and they are an awesome reward for your dog during training. 

Try them TODAY! Click here for a delicious treat your dog won’t refuse. 


Merrick LogoMerrick Pet Care is a family owned company that has been making top quality pet products for over 20 years. We manufacture all of our products with ingredients sourced from the USA from USDA approved suppliers. We offer a full line of high quality dry dog food that contains the added benefits of “Elements”, a kibble containing fresh fruits and vegetables with the addition of cutting edge nutraceuticals such as glucosamine and chondroitin, marigold extract, alfalfa, parsley and fennel all of which contribute to your pets joint, vision and breath health. There is even the option to make a homestyle gravy with all of our dry formulas. Our unique home style canned formulas are a perfect compliment to our dry formulas, or can be used a stand alone as well. Selections like Grammy’s Pot Pie contain real chunks of human grade chicken, carrots, peas and carrots for a meal just like Grammy would cook for your dog. We also offer a complete line of all natural treats to keep your dog happy and healthy and ensure optimal dental health.