I noticed something in the Heartypet store that caught my eye. Cranimals cranberries for cats and dogs.

I think it is a brilliant idea! Now your pet can get the health and deliciousness out of a cranberry that we get! It has PROTEIN, FIBER, OMEGA 3, CALCIUM, etc.

So, if you have tried it or are going to order it comment on what you and your pets think of Cranimals Gold, Original, Very Berry, or Vibe.

Flea and Tick Season

Spring time is here!That means warmer temperatures and fun in the sun!

Also, it is beginning of flea and tick season, which usually lasts through fall. In fact, i just got bit the other day by a tick.

They are really bad this year! Protect your dogs from them by applying Bayer (K9 advantix) or Frontline products from  Heartypet.

Now, That doesn’t mean they won’t get ticks or fleas, it just helps a lot! So, when you get your pets inside always make sure to check them thoroughly.

Fleas and ticks carry many diseases. Ticks are harder to find because they burrow into the skin while fleas hop around and usually get into your house.

If you do find a tick on your pet, remove it slowly with tweezers and i always burn them.

But, make sure to have a happy and healthy spring!

New Product by Stella & Chewy’s

Stella & Chewy’s just released a new fish formula called Stella & Chewy’s Surf and Turf.  Two sizes are available:  6oz and 16oz bags.  These patties are made with Raw, Wild Alaskan Salmon, organic fruits & vegetables, no grains or fillers plus many other great ingredients.  Check out Stella & Chewy’s today and let us know what you think..

Fromm 4-Star Pet Food

Fromm, a Wisconsin family owned company, has been producing quality pet foods since 1904.  Hearty Pet is happy to bring on their Four Star recipes.  Why Four Star?  Fromm has included only the freshest of meats, fruits and vegetables to each of it’s recipes; it’s kind of like that 4 Star dining we look for in a restaurant.  Plus, all of the dry foods are manufactured in a USDA-certified plant – special measures for the safety of your pets food. 

What dog dry recipes are available?

 What cat dry recipes are available?

INSTINCT Cans – Grain-Free, 95% Meat

Nature's Variety Instinct Dog Food CansNature’s Variety INSTINCT dog food cans provide a superior GRAIN-FREE nutrition to satisfy your pet’s desire for real meat.  “Grain-free, with 95% meat and liver, new Instinct cans are complete and balanced for all life stages and breeds. With high levels of animal protein for muscle development and essential oils for healthy skin and glossy coats, your pet will experience the results of grain-free nutrition.”

  •    – 95% Meat or Poultry
       – Grain-free
       – Complete and balanced for all life stages and all breeds

Feed instinctively and give your pet the nutrition and energy for a healthy life.

Pearly White Teeth – Healthy Oral Hygiene

N-Bone Pearly WhitesNPIC has come out with an N-Bone to fight tartar buildup and freshens breath.  Welcome aboard N-Bone Pearly Whites.  “Pearly Whites contain clove, a natural astringent, to kill the bacteria that causes tartar buildup. Calcium carbonate and vitamin D3 have been added to build strong and healthy teeth while tricalcium phosphate will remove tartar during chewing. With the breath freshening powder of peppermint and parsley, your companion can show off those pearly whites with cool minty fresh breath.”

Don’t let the tartar take control over your pets teeth, get Pearly Whites!


  • Cleans Teeth
  • Helps to prevent discoloration
  • Wheat Free
  • Removes Tartar
  • Freshens Breath