East Coast Earthquake 2011

1:55pm eastern time today an earthquake about 5.9 on the richter scale hit in the area of Mineral, VA. I was not too far from it so i felt it. I have never experienced an earthquake and it was quite a ride and scare to people. My pets didn’t act differently but i heard that some of my friends pets did. Where are you located? Did you feel it? How did your pets react? thanks for sharing this experience with me!

Pit Bosses (the show)

I don’t really watch this show and i’m not into it but it is good for pet people. Shorty Rossi and some friends rescue and rehab Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls are known as dangerous scary dogs. But, you can’t stereotype they are just misunderstood! So, Shorty Rossi and Hercules (his dog) will be at the fundraiser for a no kill shelter near Ocean City. Details: $45, The Harvest Moon Tavern at 208 West Green Street in Snow Hill, Maryland, September 3, 2011 from 6 p.m. – midnight.

4th Of July

It’s getting close to that day of the year again! Patriotic spirit comes out in everyone. It seems like freedom flows through the air. Yes, it is the 4th of July, independence day. Cookouts, playing with your pets, and then there is fireworks. Fireworks are fun to watch and listen to for most of us. Our pets don’t seem to care for them too much. Barking, cowering in fear, and stress because they don’t know what it is. What can we do to help them get through that? Keep them inside and make them a “safety den” where they feel they can go during that uncomfortable time. Maybe, it would be easier to use a crate or something. Make sure they like it. Then, when you know it is getting towards that time tire them out so they don’t injure themselves when freaking out or over exert themselves. Have a nice, safe holiday!

Angry Birds

Yes, i’m talking about the famous app everyone plays. Angry Birds where you slingshot birds into pigs to complete levels.

Its very addicting and frustrating. This isn’t really about pets but birds are pets.

I think i know why they call it Angry Birds. You get stuck on a level and it makes you angry!

I’ve been playing it lately and it happens to me alot! So, what do you think about angry birds? What do you like or dislike?

Memorial Day

Memorial day is a day set aside to celebrate and remember those who died for our country. So, you probably think of your dad or uncle….but, what about those pets that die for our country too? K-9 unit dogs, bomb-sniffing bees, even soldier bears are used. Imagine that! There are plenty others out there too. So, when you are thinking of those fallen think of more than just people, think of pets.


(the picture is of a seal a.k.a “navy seal” used for underwater mines)

Pets and Sports.

People love pets and people love sports. Some like to mix them together.

There is nothing like man’s, and woman’s, best friend watching a good sporting event with you! It’s great bonding time.

I know people, and you probably do too, that dress their pets up just as they dress themselves up for those: baseball, football, basketball games. No matter how ridiculous you both might look, it’s pretty fun! Especially when your team wins!

I know for a fact some baseball teams, minor and major league, have taken their dog to the ball park day(s). That would be a fun idea! What do you do with your pets when there is a big game coming on? Tell us your interesting stories and what team(s) you support!

Premium Pet Foods – Real Stories #2

I have a cat, Indiana, who is half bobcat and is currently 6 yrs old. Living in a city environment, our cats remain indoors, to keep them safe. We were living in an old house at the time he was growing up, where the previous tenant had been an excessively heavy smoker. We’d cleaned every surface in the house, except for the rock front fireplace. BIG mistake. The nicotine from the cigarettes had settled on the hearth, and we hadn’t even thought about it. Indy- being adventurous as he grew older- decided licking the hearth was interesting. We didn’t think of the nicotine, but thought it was a nasty habit for him to do, so we discouraged it always. It didn’t matter. He got by our preventitive measures, and we couldn’t be home 24/7.Then, Indy started loosing weight; fleas were now becoming a problem where they never were before, and he was grooming excessively, almost obsessively. We wormed. We de-fleaed. We took him to the vet. None of the other cats seemed to have a problem, and the vet was at a loss to explain the problem.. Indy continued to decline until he looked old and his fur and skin was in tatters from scratching. I was in despair, wondering if I would have to put my boy to sleep. But, suddenly, our house was sold, and we had to move. It wasn’t until we were in the new house, when he was 5 yrs old, that we discovered he’d gotten a nicotine addiction/ poisoning from licking the hearth! It took awhile, but he began to recover. However, because of it, he had developed allergies to certain food ingredients and fleas.I looked everywhere for help. The vet could only offer a limited knowledge- our town isn’t cosmopolitan enough to have specialty vets- and testing is extremely expensive.Finally, a friend of mine sent me the internet address of your product line, and I checked it out. Within the first week of eating Eagle Pack Duck and Chicken Meal ( dry), Indiana started gaining weight back; he wasn’t scratching as severely, and he even started purring again! We’re now down to only two cats, but the other cat loves the food, too. Indiana still has a ways to go, but, thanks to Eagle Pack, he’s on the road to recovery. Thank you for having such a fine product!
Zaena Burdick

Premium Pet Foods – Real Stories #1

Hearty Pet will be sharing stories from our customers about their decisions to buy premium pet foods and the results they have seen. The stories are truly inspiring. Enjoy the reading 

To Whom it May Concern:

In March of 2004 we learned that one of our cats, Miss Weezer, had diabetes.

I read as much as I could about the disease in cats and came to the conclusion that, since cats are obligate carnivores, I would remove as many of the carbohydrates from her diet as possible. I started by cooking chicken, beef, fish for her and eventually found Wellness canned cat foods.

At that time, it was difficult to find premium (or any other) cat food with out grains or rice. Wellness fit the bill and it is a large part of her diet to this day. She especially likes Turkey and Salmon. We were able (with our vet’s supervision) to gradually reduce insulin over the years and, as of July 12, 2007, she is insulin free. If you’ve ever had a diabetic animal, you know that this is huge–not only for her, but us!

Our vet thinks that this development is, in large part, to her tightly controlled diet. Wellness cat food is a great product and I’m happy to have discovered it.

I also appreciate your fine customer service, quick shipping and great specials–including free shipping periodically. It has been a pleasure to do business with you and I hope to continue in the future.

I’m hopeful that this story will be helpful to other pet owners with diabetic animals.


Laura and Miss Weezer