Cicada And Pets

Cicadas, you probably know, are those bugs that come out of the earth every year and are usually bad every 13-17 years. They fly into stuff, make loud noises, and leave their shells everywhere.

Now, your probably thinking… How does this affect my pet??? Well, pets sometimes eat one or two or a bunch. Sometimes your pet likes the taste of them. If you see them eating them, stop them.

They are not toxic or fatal. But, they do not agree with your pet’s stomach. They will most likely puke or have diarrhea.

So, if you see the skeleton left around clean them up. If your pet gets sick or eats one don’t be worried.  They only last a couple weeks before they mate, and die.

Memorial Day

Memorial day is a day set aside to celebrate and remember those who died for our country. So, you probably think of your dad or uncle….but, what about those pets that die for our country too? K-9 unit dogs, bomb-sniffing bees, even soldier bears are used. Imagine that! There are plenty others out there too. So, when you are thinking of those fallen think of more than just people, think of pets.


(the picture is of a seal a.k.a “navy seal” used for underwater mines)

Dog Swimming

Swimming isn’t only for people. Dogs and other pets love it too! Just like us, It helps cool them off on a hot day. If you plan on taking your pet swimming, make sure they have learned how to swim first. Start out is shallow waters. You will learn if your pet needs a safety vest for swimming. These can be purchased for around $25. Also, get in with them and invite other people and their pets. Dogs are usually confident with others around. A helpful hint is: you should keep them on a leash while swimming the first couple times. They might keep on swimming away! You should clean your dog before and after swimming for keeping bacteria and chemicals off. Now, my local public pool has a day at the end of the summer for pets and their owners to go swimming! It isn’t expensive either. check out and see if your pool has the same. Have a safe and fun time in the water!

Flea and Tick Season

Spring time is here!That means warmer temperatures and fun in the sun!

Also, it is beginning of flea and tick season, which usually lasts through fall. In fact, i just got bit the other day by a tick.

They are really bad this year! Protect your dogs from them by applying Bayer (K9 advantix) or Frontline products from  Heartypet.

Now, That doesn’t mean they won’t get ticks or fleas, it just helps a lot! So, when you get your pets inside always make sure to check them thoroughly.

Fleas and ticks carry many diseases. Ticks are harder to find because they burrow into the skin while fleas hop around and usually get into your house.

If you do find a tick on your pet, remove it slowly with tweezers and i always burn them.

But, make sure to have a happy and healthy spring!

Easter Egg Hunt Contest (clues)

Hearty Pet’s 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt – Don’t miss out on some great prizes to be won! Please don’t post any findings on this blog as you will be giving away your opportunity to win to other friends who will be joining in the fun. Once you have found all (10) Eggs, email with all your findings. Remember, clues will be given throughout the day on this blog. Happy Hunting 🙂

Pets and Sports.

People love pets and people love sports. Some like to mix them together.

There is nothing like man’s, and woman’s, best friend watching a good sporting event with you! It’s great bonding time.

I know people, and you probably do too, that dress their pets up just as they dress themselves up for those: baseball, football, basketball games. No matter how ridiculous you both might look, it’s pretty fun! Especially when your team wins!

I know for a fact some baseball teams, minor and major league, have taken their dog to the ball park day(s). That would be a fun idea! What do you do with your pets when there is a big game coming on? Tell us your interesting stories and what team(s) you support!

Setting boundaries as a pet owner

Whether you’re a new pet owner or you’ve had pets all your life. We all have a pet… or know someone who has a pet that does whatever it wants. Whether you like it or not, its time to set some rules! You have to be the boss. Because, your probably not too pleased living his/her way. You can’t be lenient with anything you don’t like. Set them straight! At the same time, you don’t want to be too harsh. So, first make up a set of rules you want to enforce. Then, when they disobey, do what you think you should to punish them. The first time will be the hardest, but it will get easier from then on. Every time  that pet disobeys your rules you must punish them the same way. (make sure it is a punishment they don’t enjoy). Be consistent. Eventually they should just give up and get the point. They will try hard to get their way but, in the long run you will be happy you did this. Your pet and you will enjoy a long happy life together. (your way).

Do you suspect your pet could be underweight or overweight???

Well, here are some signs your pet could be off track of their ideal weight. These are accurate for almost all pets. Very Underweight is basically when you can see the ribs very easily and there is no fat covering them (very noticeable) . Underweight is where the ribs are easily seen and they don’t have much fat covering the midsection. What you want your pets to be like for a healthy weight would be where you can see the ribs a bit and there is some fat on them. Now, Overweight would be classified by a good bit of fat making it hard to feel/see the ribs. Very Overweight/Obese: Very fat and can’t see the ribs or feel them. (it would be a good idea to get your pet checked out by your pet health care provider if your not sure or positive your pet isn’t at their ideal weight)

Also, you don’t want your pet to lose weight too much too fast. That could cause health problems. If you have a small sized dog have them lose about 1/3 lb. a week. medium dogs about 3/4 lb. a week. larger dogs 1 and 1/4 lb. a week. cats 1/5 lb. a week.

And once you check out your pet and sure they are their ideal weight, getting plenty of exercise,and having social time with other pets. They will be looking like this. ————————–>

Thanks to Lori. and please feel free to add or ask questions through comments.

Made In USA


I am sure most of the people in the US are tired of our jobs going to other countries.  We used to be the “textile” nation and had great quality in that area.  Now, you buy tee shirts and/or other clothing, etc. and the quality is not there anymore and sometimes they really have an odor.  Anyway, I was tired of seeing “Made in China” on just about everything.  Usually that is when it had an odor.  So, I went on the Internet and “Googled” “tee shirts made in USA.”  I was pleasantly surprised to see how many things are still made in USA.  It pulled up other things as well.  And the prices were not bad on most.  I have made it my goal to try to buy American-made whenever possible.  I realize in this economy now, it may unfortunately not be the best choice for some due to price.  But, WE made things that way by constantly demanding and buying cheaper products.  Cheaper in price and then of course quality follows.  If we want to bring manufacturing back to the USA for many of our household items…clothes, toys, furniture, decor, etc., we need to be willing to pay a bit more for those items unfortunately, but not always.  After all, that is why manufacturing has left the US…for the “cheap.”  Cheaper labor….cheaper EVERYTHING.  And some say, they left the US due to all the regulations, etc.  Well guess what?  That is what has protected us from the types of contamination issues we continue to see from products made outside of the US.  Sadly, though, contamination issues are finding their way within our country as well, especially within the food industry.  Having said all that, please, whenever you can, try to buy something made in USA and push for tighter regulations and enforcement when it comes to our food industries in the US.  I have listed a few sites below where I have recently purchased some tee shirts made in USA and have been pleased with the quality so far.  Please add some of the sites any of you may have used also and tell us how you liked the product.  Support our country! Demand more and more be made here as well.    🙂

Have not ordered from here yet, but plan on it.  They sell pet items made in USA.

Now, Serengeti, like many other unique companies like this, has started offering more and more clothing that is made in the USA.  You have to read the description in order to be sure the item is made here.

Order Accuracy Taken to New Levels

Have you ever been waiting on that order from your favorite online store and when it arrives you are so disappointed because what you ordered isn’t what they shipped? We feel your pain, at Hearty Pet we take customer service to the next level far exceeding that of our competitors in many if not most areas. We have what we feel is the best value proposition for our customers. We offer the best of the best when it comes to the products we carry. We try very hard to keep our costs down so we can keep our prices down. We offer you our shipping rates, far below that of the Fedex published rates and we regularly offer you extra savings from our newsletter.

We want to take that level of customer service and take it to the next level. Hearty Pet is proud to announce that
we have designed and implemented an in-house solution to guarantee order accuracy. Using our new system
(we call it accu-pack internally), we carefully have all orders bar coded and scanned prior to picking. When our team members pull the order, it is carefully scanned against the original order to verify that the proper item was pulled and then it is placed in the box. The software makes it obvious to the staff that the order is accurate (BIG GREEN LIGHT) or there is an issue (BIG RED LIGHT). When something doesn’t properly match, there is a detailed summary of what is wrong and the staff can then rescan a new product to quickly correct and pack. All humans make mistakes, we understand that, but we want to make certain that you get what you ordered. This system should eliminate human error. We are VERY proud of our team as they work hard at what they do and this is just another way to help them do the best job they can.

We recently moved into our new warehouse/packing facility and we are getting the kinks worked out and our efficiency is at an all time high. Same day shipping in most cases, accurate orders, a great value proposition, and world class customer service is why we are rapidly becoming the leader in online premium pet food sales.

We want to thank your for all your support and let you know we are making changes continously to
better our offerings for you. Keep your eyes open for other exciting changes coming to your browser soon!